Landing pages for Russell Investments

Client: Founded / Russell Investments
Date: March 2018
Services: UI Design

Working at Founded, I was tasked with designing a range of new landing page templates for an Investment company. Working from basic wireframes I designed 5 different variations, each with a unique approach that would help the company to understand what converts best with their customers. Their previous landing pages had been from various campaigns and had little consistency or optimisation. The landing pages below are from the 'pushed approach', in which I provided a more visual approach than their traditional landing pages, with more use of photography, iconography and bigger forms. I also provided brand guidelines which built upon their existing guidelines and modernised their typography, icons and layouts.

Russel Investments landing page design
Pushed Landing Page Version 1
Russel Investments landing page design
Pushed Landing Page Version 2
Russel Investments landing page design
Mobile Landing Pages

These templates gave Russell investments a more consistent, modular approach that made it easier for them to create, test and refine their landing pages. Whilst they are still analysing the results, the pushed landing version 1 saw a conversion increase by 15% using a similar offer. Their initial results also indicated that versions with bullets and icons performed better- so with more time I would've like to explored different lengths of copy and different styles of summary sections.