Video editing app

Client: Freelance Client
Date: June 3, 2016
Services: Prototyping, UX, UI design
The Brief

I was hired to design the UI/UX of the sign up journey to a web based video editing app. The objective was to improve the number of people using the app by making the sign up process simple, barrier free and persuasive.


The approach

Working alongside the director, the first step was to ask questions and understand:

What features are a priority?
What is currently preventing users from signing up?
What will convince users to sign up?

Together we used the initial research to develop a basic user flow, and from there it was my role to refine these ideas into paper prototypes and eventually into a fully responsive design.

The Result

The final solution was reached through several rounds of testing. The primary area of the design focused on getting the user to the next stage of sign up and made use of usability best practises such as short forms and clear validation. We knew that a large percentage of the user’s on the sign up journey were new to the app and new to online video editing apps, so the secondary area was to persuade them of the benefits of the app and to make it personal.

To achieve this the design:
1. Used testimonials and social proof from happy Facebook users
2. Used animated screenshots show off the fun features
3. Illustrated how easy it was to make professional and creative videos of important moments.

Captevate UI design